It's free money. Yes, there is such a thing. Read on.

Poker sites need a constant influx of new players and they are willing to pay to get them. Other sites are specialized in finding those new players and getting them signed up. They do this by bankrolling these new players. The idea is that some of these players will become successful and generate rake over the long run (of which a small portion goes to the site that signed you up). That's also why some of these sites try and teach their visitors how to get better.

So how does it work ?

You click the banners below and follow the instructions VERY precisely !! You will install poker software and register an account, you will NOT make any deposit, you will NOT register any credit card and you will NOT be billed for anything. You will just get $50 in your account to play poker with.

If you signup for ALL the free poker bankroll offers on this site, you will get a total of $1750 of free money !!